• MountainSpa Pamper Days | 3 Low Season

MountainSpa Pamper Days

3 nights
from € 372,--  per person
  • Cosy Days for 2 | 3 Low Season

Cosy Days for 2

3 nights
from € 466,--  per person
  • Cosy Days for 2 in the Private Spa | 5=4

Cosy Days for 2 in the Private Spa

5 nights
from € 548,--  per person

Natural care

The skin is our largest organ - and therefore deserves our utmost attention. The way we understand care at our MountainSpa not only includes methods and practical knowledge - it also includes the use of the best skin care products available.

Pure luxury that simply melts on the skin

At our MountainSpa we therefore offer you natural care that likewise comes from the mountains. With Fermes de Marie you will enjoy natural alpine herbs such as edelweiss, mountain arnica or mint. From the heart of the French mountains, these ingredients naturally unfold their anti-oxidative ingredients directly onto your skin. A sensuous, soft, melting sensation and exceptional revitalising aromas provide an experience of pure luxury.


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