• MountainSpa Pamper Days | 3 Low Season

MountainSpa Pamper Days

3 nights
from € 372,--  per person
  • Cosy Days for 2 | 3 Low Season

Cosy Days for 2

3 nights
from € 466,--  per person
  • Cosy Days for 2 in the Private Spa | 5=4

Cosy Days for 2 in the Private Spa

5 nights
from € 548,--  per person

The host & the team

The best place to be ... is of course at home. And it's at least as good to be at a hotel where you can also feel completely at home.

The wellness hotel and MountainSpa Zamangspitze in Vorarlberg has been run by us as a family business for many many years.
We want to be close to our guests and not put distance between us. We want to attend to every detail and make this the foundation of our success.

What do we enjoy most? Whatever makes you most happy!

Both Christoph and Andreas Metzler and their familes as well as the whole Zamangspitze team are available for you and look forward to every new day with a passion for hospitality and the desire to serve you as our guest.


MountainSpa & Hotel Zamangspitze
Ziggamweg 227
AT-6791 St. Gallenkirch/Montafon

Tel. +43(0)5557/6238
Fax +43(0)5557/6238-5


Temperaturen:-3.0° to 3.0°
Windgeschwindigkeit:0 km/h

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